Challenge coins are a great way to build camaraderie and boost morale. Originally a military tradition, nearly every law enforcement agency in the United States today gives challenge coins to its members, either as a reward for excellence or as a reminder that they belong to a special community. If your department doesn’t have a challenge coin yet, you need one!

When someone takes out their challenge coin at a bar, each person nearby must also display their challenge coins or be forced to buy the next round. If everyone has a challenge coin, the original coin-holder buys the round.

We pride ourselves on having the lowest prices on high-quality challenge coins in the United States. We can completely customize a challenge coin to make your ideas a reality; if you’ve ever seen a challenge coin like it, we can do it. We make challenge coins for several federal law enforcement agencies in addition to dozens of sheriff’s offices and police departments.

Coin Accessories

A custom-imprinted, velvet case transforms your coins into presentation-ready awards. Only $4.00 each.

Your custom challenge coin can be made into a keychain! Call 1-800-928-1812 or e-mail for a challenge coin keychain quote.

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Make your coin stand out on any desk or shelf! Coin display holders are only $0.79 each!
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A protective vinyl sleeve comes standard with every custom
coin order.
Coin display holder with brass plate. We can engrave it for you!
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Our standard challenge coin pricing follows in the Coin Design Order Form. 5% discount on memorial/end of watch coins.


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 50-99 coins - $125.00 
 100-499 coins - $100.00 
 500+ coins - FREE (or $100 discount on 3D tooling) 
3D Tooling (Badges, eagles, and people all look good in 3D!)
Unique Shapes and Cutouts
Fancy Edge Cuts (rope, diamond, etc.)
For Larger Size
 1.75" Diameter Coins (Large) (Add 25% to final cost) 
 2" Diameter Coins (Extra Large) (Add 50% to final cost) 
 Not larger then standard 
Rush Order! Delivery in as little as 14 days!
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